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Founded by law firm executives, Pareto Legal is the only digital advertising agency that is uniquely positioned to help personal injury law firms exceed their lofty goals.

The results that Pareto Legal has achieved for my law firm are unparalleled. We’ve hired 2 paralegals in the last 7 months and are about to hire a third so that we can continue to handle all the new cases that Pareto Legal has helped us generate. There are a lot of agencies out there (I’ve dealt with them), but this team is extremely knowledgeable, first-class and most importantly: they get results.

Scott Snyder

Snyder Law Firm

How To Get Started

Need more cases? Looking to increase your law firm’s profits? Book a complimentary strategy call today.



Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy call. We'll ask questions about your firm's unique circumstances and determine if we're the right fit for each other.

Paid Assessment


Our team will then assess your marketing campaigns, tracking and intake system, identify opportunities to optimize and grow your firm and provide you with a proposal that will execute on those opportunities.



We'll launch your new-and-improved campaigns, fix your tracking and reporting and enhance your intake system - and you'll start receiving more qualified leads and cases in 90 days or less.

Over 50 5-Star Reviews From Law Firms Like Yours

We get results, we communicate and we act in our clients’ best interests – don’t just take our word for it though.

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Still wondering how our team can help your firm? We’re ready to speak with you and answer your questions.

How We'll Get You More Cases

Our proven process for generating more case volume and increasing market share has worked for dozens of law firms – and it will work for yours.

Analyze Your Firm & Target Market

First we'll review your past marketing efforts, your intake system and your competitors to determine how to uniquely position your firm going forward.

Optimize Your Landing Pages & Intake System

Before we start spending your money on paid traffic, we'll make sure that your landing pages and intake system can produce qualified leads at a high rate.

Scale New Client Traffic With Digital Ads

Our paid campaigns will target keywords and audiences in your market that drive qualified leads as cost-efficiently as possible.

Convert Existing Traffic

We'll also set-up campaigns to retarget previous website visitors that haven't filled out a form or called your firm yet.

Track Your ROI

Every dollar we spend, every lead we generate, and every case you open will be measured and accessible to you in our marketing dashboards.

Check Out Our Case Studies

From improper campaign target to inaccurate lead tracking, learn more about the law firm marketing problems we’ve solved for our clients.

Kalikhman & Rayz Sees 250% Increase In Car Accident & Personal Injury Cases

In early 2023, K&R hired Pareto Legal to help reposition the firm, optimize their marketing and advertising investments and increase their personal injury case volume.

How We Grew An Attorney’s Pipeline From $0 to $700K In Under 6 Months – With PPC Only

The firm’s founder and managing partner, Emma Robison, was looking for a marketing partner to help quickly and profitably build her case pipeline via digital campaigns.

Why work with us?

Marketing agencies are a dime a dozen. Here’s what separates Pareto Legal from the pack.

Complete Access

Unlike other law firm marketing agencies, we want you to maintain full ownership and access to your website and ad accounts.

Honest Reporting

Our automated, transparent reporting was built for law firms looking to track the ROI of their marketing investments.

We Have Skin In The Game

Your account team is incentivized to keep and grow your law firm.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other digital ad agencies, there are no hidden fees.

Humans (Not Robots)

All of your campaigns are monitored and optimized by full-time, US-based marketing experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

About 30 days. That said, this ultimately depends on certain factors, such as your ad budget and how much work our team needs to put into your landing pages, messaging and tracking.

Our headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA, but most of our team is spread across the US and works fully-remote.

Law firm marketing is EXTREMELY competitive, yet there’s a lack of marketing talent in the legal space. Our higher pricing enables us to train, hire and keep world-class legal marketing experts that have grown countless law firms just like yours.

Our agency employs a “pod” structure, meaning we have teams of marketing experts that exclusively work on specific law firm accounts. That said, if we are working with a competitor of yours, we can ensure that the team touching your business isn’t the same one working with your competitor.

No. All we ask if that you give us 6-month commitment at the onset of the relationship. After the first 6 months, you can then move onto a month-to-month plan or an annual plan at a reduced rate.

Yes! Our clients are our best ambassadors. We are happy to list references and have you talk to the law firms that we’ve helped grow.