How We Grew An Attorney’s Pipeline From $0 to $700K In Under 6 Months – With PPC Only

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Client Background

Founded in January 2018, the firm’s founder and managing partner, Emma Robison, was looking for a marketing partner to help quickly and profitably build her case pipeline via digital campaigns. Pareto Legal was brought on in late March 2018 to create a omni-channel digital strategy and by May 2018, Robison Lemon Law Group had an array of highly-targeted digital ad campaigns up, running and producing significant lead and case volume.

Thanks to Pareto Legal’s keyword research, intake optimization recommendations and aggressive geographic testing, the law firm was able to produce a pipeline valued at $700K in under 6 months – all generated from PPC advertising only!

Our Approach

Keyword Research

The Pareto Legal team identified a multitude of high-value keywords for Robison Lemon Law Group to target using a combination of Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEMRush & Ahref’s data. More specifically, Pareto Legal leveraged these data sources to determine the optimal mix of keywords to bid on across all stages of the customer journey, from the very top of the funnel (e.g. “spark plug issues”) all the way down to the very bottom (e.g. “best lemon law attorney near me”).

Pareto Legal also leveraged Google’s dynamic search ads (DSAs) in conjunction with a target CPA automated bid strategy to “mine” for long-tail keywords at a sustainable cost per lead. In other words, DSAs enabled Robison Lemon Law Group to dynamically target keywords that didn’t initially pop-up in our research. Therefore, the combination of sound keyword research paired with the machine-learning capabilities of Google DSA and bid automation was the foundation that lead Robison Lemon Law Group to capture search market share from other lemon law firm competitors.

Geographic Testing

Not only did the Pareto Legal team conduct keyword research on a national level, but on a state-by-level as well. Why? From the onset of our engagement, Robison Lemon Law Group made it clear that they wanted to test advertising in new states (performance and budget permitting). Therefore, we needed to have a plan to identify which states presented the most opportunity for PPC advertising.

By using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, we were able to see which states had the most attractive CPCs and potential conversion rates, which in turn, helped us prioritize which states to begin testing. Due to this approach, we were able to hit the ground running with new state testing and enter new markets within Robison Lemon Law Group’s cost per case target.

Streamlined Intake

A key concern before launching Pareto Legal's digital advertising campaigns was around client intake: who was going to answer the phones, how were leads going to be qualified/disqualified and how would an unanticipated influx of calls be handled.? At the time, Robison Lemon Law Group only had one employee (Emma Robison, the founder and managing partner), so it was critically important that Pareto Legal provide the firm with a clear path to efficiently handling their online leads and calls.

To start, Pareto Legal got the firm set-up with CallRail to monitor call volume and attribute calls back to the marketing campaign, ad and keyword. Next, Pareto Legal helped the firm determine a client questionnaire that could be utilized both on the website and during intake to immediately pre-qualify leads and determine if they warranted further investigation/time. Lastly, Pareto Legal recruited Intaker
 to provide a quick, effective and automated live chat experience on the website, and Answering Legal to help with call overflow. 

By leveraging these best practices and preferred partners, Pareto Legal was able to help Robison Lemon Law Group systematically and seamlessly scale their case pipeline without experiencing operational inefficiency.

The Results

Cases Generated
$ 0 k
Return On Ad Spend
$ 0
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