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Frequently Asked Questions

About 30 days. That said, this ultimately depends on certain factors, such as your ad budget and how much work our team needs to put into your landing pages, messaging and tracking.

Our headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA, but most of our team is spread across the US and works fully-remote.

Law firm marketing is EXTREMELY competitive, yet there’s a lack of marketing talent in the legal space. Our higher pricing enables us to train, hire and keep world-class legal marketing experts that have grown countless law firms just like yours.

Our agency employs a “pod” structure, meaning we have teams of marketing experts that exclusively work on specific law firm accounts. That said, if we are working with a competitor of yours, we can ensure that the team touching your business isn’t the same one working with your competitor.

No. All we ask if that you give us 6-month commitment at the onset of the relationship. After the first 6 months, you can then move onto a month-to-month plan or an annual plan at a reduced rate.

Yes! Our clients are our best ambassadors. We are happy to list references and have you talk to the law firms that we’ve helped grow.

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