Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo Quadruples Non-Referral Case Volume

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Client Background

Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo (KK&O) is an award-winning Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability law firm with 12 office locations across the state of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1936 by a retired Workers’ Compensation judge, the firm has an outstanding reputation and has been consistently ranked as one of the top Workers’ Comp law firms in Pennsylvania.

In 2018, KK&O hired the Pareto Legal team to scale their digital advertising efforts. The firm had historically been investing heavily in traditional advertising to generate awareness but had not capitalized on lower-funnel tactics to capture existing demand.

Within 6 months of hiring Pareto Legal, Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo saw their case volume from internet leads increase by over 300%. These results were due to Pareto Legal’s focus on optimizing KK&O’s positioning and messaging, enhancing their landing pages and adjusting their budget allocations to maximize lead and case volume.

Our Approach

Positioning & Messaging

Early in the engagement, Pareto Legal identified an opportunity to uniquely position KK&O in the Pennsylvania market by revivifying the messaging on their website and advertising. More specifically, the firm had been reliant on generic slogans (e.g. “When You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney”) and wasn’t broadcasting key value propositions throughout their marketing portfolio.

By showcasing key differentiators in the ad and landing page messaging (such as KK&O’s 87+ years in business, 12 office locations, and the fact that the firm’s managing partner is a former Workers’ Compensation judge), KK&O was able to increase their ad clickthrough rates and drive incremental traffic across search, social and display advertising channels. On top of that, the firm began including these value propositions within their traditional advertising efforts, such as TV, billboard and radio, which helped to generate more awareness about the firm’s unrivaled experience in the PA market.

Landing Page Enhancements

The next opportunity for KK&O that needed to capitalize on was to improve the relevancy and functionality of their landing pages. Historically, the firm had been using their homepage as the main landing page for their digital advertising efforts, and those landing pages lacked key elements to improve their conversion rates.

To enhance the relevance of KK&O’s landing pages, Pareto Legal conducted an N-gram analysis using KK&O’s search term data from their Google Ads & Google Search Console accounts, as well data from Ahrefs. This analysis enabled the Pareto Legal team to identify the main recurring topics that KK&O’s current audience and potential audience was searching for. In turn, the Pareto Legal team was able to determine which pages KK&O needed to create to match their target audiences’ search intent.

The Pareto Legal team also recommended including client reviews, video, a click-to-call button and an AI-powered live chat tool (called Intaker) on the paid landing pages.

The combination of improving landing page relevancy and functionality lead to significant improvements in KK&O’s Google Ads keyword Q scores, a decrease in their average cost-per-click, increases in their landing pages’ conversion rates and an overall spike in qualified leads.

Budget Optimization

Pareto Legal was able to help KK&O reallocate their overall market budget to achieve optimal results. This reallocation had several components: by channel, by geography and by hour of day and day of week.

On a channel level, KK&O’s historic marketing/advertising investments were over-saturated on two traditional channels: TV and radio. The firm had never invested in billboard advertising in spite of its attractive CPM and ability to reach local audiences, and too little budget was being spent on lower-funnel digital ad channels such as paid search, LSA and retargeting. Ultimately, Pareto Legal was pivotal in helping KK&O define its outdoor advertising strategy and prioritizing budget towards higher ROI digital channels.

From a geographic perspective, most of KK&O’s advertising budget had been spent in the Philadelphia metropolitan area over the past decade. However, the firm’s other 11 office locations were in lower-populated, lower-competition secondary markets in Pennsylvania such as Harrisburg, Pottsville and Reading. The Pareto Legal team ultimately recommended shifting a greater proportion of traditional and digital advertising budget to these secondary markets, which led to significant case growth from those markets and did not hinder the overall case volume from the Philly market.

Lastly, Pareto Legal helped KK&O implement call and lead tracking which, in turn, helped with the analysis of KK&O’s hour of day and day of week call and lead data. This data allowed Pareto Legal to determine which days/times required proportionally more or less ad budget.

The Results

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